4 Reasons to Invest in a Google 360º Virtual Tour

Companies across every industry are realizing the power local search results can have on their business. Google is putting more of an emphasis on these kinds of searches.  The visibility you can achieve with potential customers who are nearby and searching for something you offer can really make an impact on your sales. It used to be that the top results you would see were far more generalized, pulling results from all over the globe. Now, however, Google is increasingly putting local results at the top of people’s searches. This is great news for local businesses, but it also means you have to compete to stay visible. 

One of the best ways to stand out is through a Google 360º Virtual Tour, an extension of your Google My Business listing. Business leaders across many different industries have been turning to these tours for a way to generate interest and provide an immersive experience to their customers. To get a better understanding of what a virtual tour can do, take a look at some of the tours we’ve created for companies large and small:

Why a Virtual Tour?

While the visual appeal is obvious, there are other reasons why investing in a Google 360º Virtual Tour is worth it for any business.

  • Improve your search presence. Because virtual tours are powered by Google, they help with your search ranking. By hiring a Google Trusted Pro (like aperi media) to shoot and edit your tour, it helps verify your business with Google and build more trust with its search engine. This translates into better positioning in search results.
  • They can double interest in your business. Google My Business listings with both photos and a virtual tour generate almost twice as much interest than listings without them. Obviously this is hugely beneficial for any business. 
  • Great ROI. Google 360º Virtual Tours are relatively cheap to implement and can pay off in a big way. On average, 41% of people who view listings with photos and a virtual tour end up visiting that business. More visits mean more sales.
  • They increase Google Map engagement. While searching for products, 44% of consumers use mapping products, like Google Maps. Typically on maps, there will be a street view from the outside of a business. With a virtual tour, you give the customer an opportunity to see inside. This makes your listing far more engaging, and far more likely to be clicked on than a competitor.

Invest in Your Company’s Future

Google 360º Virtual Tours are becoming increasingly popular with businesses across the board. No matter the industry, no matter the size, a virtual tour can make an impact on almost any company. At aperi media, we work with a range of brands (Dave & Buster’s, Staples, and Starbucks to name a few) to help increase their local visibility. If you’re looking to get a leg up on the competition, contact us today.


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