Showrooms Are Turning to Virtual Tours

360° virtual tours of showrooms are doing more than just helping managers, Sales & Marketing Directors of design showrooms find ways around the problems brought on by the pandemic. 

They provide a crucial opportunity to digitize any showroom and take it online in order to capitalize on the growing changes in consumer behavior that have been growing over the past two decades. With more consumers being found online every day, anyone involved in managing and directing design showrooms will know how valuable new innovations for generating leads and bringing in customers can be in the current climate.

Take Your Experience To The Next Level

Even before the pandemic, consumer behavior was beginning to seriously prioritize online shopping as millennials overtook baby boomers as the largest generation in America, and this trend is only going to continue as members of Gen Z become financially independent and continue to shape consumer behavior. One part of this change is that consumers are much happier with searching for and making purchases online, and before they set out looking for a store, they will first Google it. 

This provides CEOs & Owners of design showrooms throughout the country with an opportunity to invest in 360° virtual tours that can bring potential customers straight into their virtual showroom from a simple Google search. Just like how anyone can browse an area using Google Street View, they can now open the virtual door to an interactive showroom which gives them a self-guided tour experience.

This also provides Owners with an additional avenue for successfully converting leads. By embedding a customized virtual tour of a showroom on any brand’s website, instead of devoting marketing resources toward encouraging people to visit a physical location or contact a representative, they can go straight to the virtual showroom from the comfort of their own home and find exactly what they need. This streamlines the process of converting online leads, and with a site built on an effective SEO campaign, it means that all marketing and sales resources are used more effectively and efficiently.

Due to social distancing measures and the related anxiety around contact with staff and other people, the customer’s experience has been altered so that forming a genuine connection with a brand and products is harder than before. That is where Google 360° virtual tours allow customers to take their time and browse a virtual showroom at a relaxed pace while showrooms can continue to function with their doors open 24/7 regardless of the rolling shutdowns that are still yet to come in response to the pandemic.

Our team at aperi media have accumulated years of experience working with businesses to get the best results from their virtual tours. Shooting for a virtual showroom means that that space is immortalized in its best light for the world to see while both staff and customers get to enjoy being safe with reduced contact as we all do our part to overcome the pandemic and protect one another. If you think your business could benefit from a virtual tour, contact us today.

Are you an Owner/CEO of a showroom?  How are you preparing to reopen? Let us know in the comments.


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