Take Your Venue To The Next Level With a Virtual Tour

The Coronavirus pandemic has significantly affected everyone worldwide, including event venues. Couples looking to book a venue for their wedding, families looking to host a birthday, or companies wanting to host a corporate event, have been unable to do so and it has certainly been taxing. 

Fortunately, more venues are now turning to virtual tours to allow prospective clientele the ability to explore their space and amenities entirely online. Our team at aperi media has had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of venues like Dave & Buster’s & The Venetian Banquet Hall, to help them implement 360° virtual tours in order to show off their space. 

We have all seen the effect that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on every aspect of society, so it is to no surprise that event venues have taken a huge hit.

By embedding a fully-customized virtual tour on your business’s website, managers can overcome the problems that the pandemic has brought with it. Firstly, prospective customers can visit the virtual venue without worrying about coming into contact with staff or anybody else. Additionally, event venue managers can reach a global audience and get people from all over the world to check out their space 24/7, rather than being limited by a specific location and opening hours. 

The Benefits

There are countless benefits associated with virtual tours. This immersive visual experience is the closest thing to being on location in person. By offering this service on your Google My Business Listing and additionally taking it to the next level with custom virtual tours directly on your website, it will set you apart from your competition. When prospective clientele can view your amenities in detail from the comfort of their own home, they are far more likely to commit. 

Let’s look at some of the many benefits of custom virtual tours:

  1. Entirely immersive, visual experience, incomparable to static photography.
  2. Converts site scrollers to engaged users and committed prospects. 
  3. Fully customizable in accordance with your brand identity, colours and messaging. 
  4. Accurately portrays your venues’ unique identifiers in intricate detail. 
  5. Allows prospective clientele to experience your space & amenities from the comfort of their own home, on their own time. 

Our team at aperi media have acquired years of experience working with businesses to produce the highest quality results from their virtual tours. Shooting a virtual tour for a venue means immortalizing that space in its best light for the world to see, while both staff and clientele get to enjoy being safe with reduced contact as we all do our part to overcome the pandemic and protect one another. 

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of virtual tours and how they can be beneficial for your venue! 


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